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Trump: Agent of Hate is a political satire RPG game that parodies Donald Trump's rise to power. The game exposes and ridicules Trump's manipulative use of misogyny, racial hate and xenophobic fear to win the White House to the detriment of humanity as a whole. You will follow Trump and his allies as they cheat and lie their ways to win seven key battleground states.

Although this is a work of fiction, approximately 70% of the game content is based on actual events and quotes during and following Trump's campaign, including sound clips of Trump's most controversial speeches

Using humor, Trump: Agent of Hate explores serious issues in an increasingly divided American society, including wealth inequality, racism, fear of terrorism, fake news, conflict of interest in government, LGBT rights, abortion, sexism, climate change denial and police brutality. It pokes fun at politicians who, instead of standing up against hate, are often far too willing to zig zag their ways to personal gains.

On a lighter note, Trump: Agent of Hate also includes some mindless humor with references to pop culture phenomena over the past two years.

Underlying the satire and dark humor, the game delivers an overarching positive message towards solidarity against the rise of hate. It portrays Trump supporters as victims of Trump's con man scheme as much as the rest of us.

GrandmaDeb, Moony and Asato for the modern tilesets, DonkeyHotey for the logo art, Wikimedia for the headshots.


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